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Benefits of a Specialized Intrusion Detection System

September 24, 2018

Don’t wait till it’s too late. With a Intrusion Detection System you get the best equipment and top of the line monitoring. With remote management tools and complete customization packages your business will get the security features it needs to protect you and your business. Benefits of a specialized Intrusion Detection System include: No contract required Reduced…

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Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Own Access Control System

September 1, 2018

In today’s world everyone turns to you tube videos and DIY posts in order to complete tasks themselves. When it comes to installing your access control system you should let industry professionals do it for you so that you know for sure it is done correctly and your business is secure. Top Reasons Why You…

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Stop Crime Before It Happens

July 23, 2018

We want to help you keep your business safe and prevent any possible crime. This is why we provide a system that goes well beyond what comes to mind when you think about camera monitoring. With the use of smart cameras programmed to recognize and detect threats we are able to look for any unusual…

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Top Things to Look For in a Commercial Security Company

July 5, 2018

It can be challenge to pick the right security company to protect your business. It is important to pick a company you can trust to keep your operations, staff, and finances protected. Security is continuing to evolve as technology advances. With smart commercial security solutions you are able to protect what matters most to you. Turner Security…

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Picking the Right Security System for Your Business

June 25, 2018

There are so many security camera choices out there. As you walk around a store, gas station, office building, etc take a look around and you will see the variety of cameras that difference businesses use in order to keep their business safe. We can help you narrow down what type of camera is going…

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Access Control Systems – Honeywell Net AXS-123

June 12, 2018

  Honeywell’s web-based access control offering now provides solutions for installations of any size. NetAXS® enables users to securely manage their system anywhere there’s an Internet connection—with no dedicated PC costs. The user-friendly design makes it simple to install and easy to operate and maintain. NetAXS gives you all the benefits of traditional access control…

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